Football, Baseball, and Basketball... Lost but Well Fought!
Football, Baseball, and Basketball... Lost but Well Fought!
  • Kim Do-yeong Kim Su-min
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POSTECH Defeated 0-1 in Football
After the opening ceremony, the football game was the first match of the POSTECH-KAIST Science War. To avenge last year’s defeat, the POSTECH football team practiced various strategies. Aiming not to allow the KAIST football team to score first, POSTECH’s team planned to use a counterattack using the long kick when the opponent exposed a weak point, while increasing ball share at the same time.
Even though our team performed brilliantly, POSTECH was defeated again by the score of 0-1. During the first half, it was a close game with no goals. Despite of harsh play from the opponent, our team steadily tried to create chances with free kicks and corner kicks. KAIST was given the red card for a foul at the 40 minute mark. Therefore, POSTECH could take advantage of this position and lead the flow of the match. However, at times, POSTECH showed an immature harmony that led to some on-field confusion. Furthermore, long kicks were frequently cut by the defense or the mid-fielder from KAIST. In the second half, POSTECH reinforced their aggressive attitude. Even though a player down, KAIST managed to keep its defensive formation. The second half was keener than the first half. Both teams exchanged shots and blocked opponents’ balls simultaneously. Player Ka Jong-hyeon (EEE 15) attempted a critical shot at 20 minutes, but unfortunately failed to score. However, at 35 minutes, the player Lee Kyung-min (KAIST) scored the first goal through a mid-range shot. Our team tried to recover the score, but the match ended with the score of 0-1. The Postech Times interviewed Kang Byeong-su, the manager of the POSTECH football team after the match.
Q. What was the cause of the loss?
Our team generally did a good job, but I think the reason why we lost was our poor finishing. There were several chances that could have led to a goal, but most of them failed to make it through.
Q. Did the environmental conditions influence the match?
Of course it did. There are so many kinds of external variables that can affect a match. Furthermore, this match was an away match. It means that our team was weaker in regard to the conditions than the away team. I think the most critical variable was the grass on the stadium. The ground’s elasticity was so different compared to our field that our players had difficulty adapting to the away match.
Q. According to the captain Lee Ju-ho (PHYS 14), the counterattack using the long kick should be applied to the match. Do you think this strategy was well-applied?
Away teams already knew that our offense was good on the counterattack, so they planned to keep their defense formation. Naturally, our back was empty and, therefore, easy to be attacked. Eventually, however, our poor finishing was the main reason.
Q. If you have to choose one player, who was the Most Valuable Player (MVP)?
All players did their best, so I cannot easily pick an MVP. However, Ka Jong-hyeon performed well as a playmaker for the team. I will choose him if I have to pick only one player.

Basketball: A Regretful Defeat
The basketball teams from POSTECH and KAIST played a match in KAIST, as a part of the POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW). The match was on Sep. 23, and the game was the last game of the PKSW. Even though the result of the PKSW was determined; POSTECH had defeated KAIST in A.I., Hacking, E-sports, and the Science Quiz, the players of both schools gave played with all their hearts.
POBBA, POSTECH’s basketball team, had faced various difficulties while preparing for the match. Most of the key players left the team last year because of graduation or military service. Because of their sudden absence, POBBA had to rebuild their team. Also, several players were injured during training, resulting in a weaker team. Most notably, the poor training facilities at POSTECH had impeded the team from training effectively. During the three weeks of their summer camp training, they could not use the court for the first week because it was too slippery. After that, they were not able to use the gym due to school events. In addition, the goalpost broke during the last week, limiting the team’s time to train, lowering their efficiency and morale.
Despite their inferior training situation, POBBA played well against the basketball from KAIST. With Seo Won-jun (IME 14)’s three pointer and Choi In-hoo (MSE 16)’s steals, POSTECH led the first quarter by 12 points, with KAIST trailing behind with 8. However, there were many mistakes in passes, and POSTECH struggled with getting rebounds and defending under the basket. It led to a lot of fouls and free throws for KAIST, which made the point gap smaller, much to POSTECH’s regret.
At the start of the second quarter, Choi and Seo’s remarkable plays started to set the mood. However, after a change of players that replaced Choi with another player, the aggressive atmosphere receded, and after a few missed passes, KAIST turned the tables. Choi joined the game again, but it was too late, and the quarter ended with KAIST scoring 21 points, followed closely by POSTECH’s 18 points.
After the fantastic performances of CHEERO, the POSTECH cheerleaders, and ELKA, KAIST’s cheerleaders, the third quarter started. Even though POSTECH’s offensive attacks were aggressive and accurate, KAIST’s players were also efficient and decisive. The players of both colleges played great offense and defense, and the quarter ended with 35 to 31, with POSTECH still trailing behind KAIST.
The last quarter was speedy and exciting. With POSTECH trying to catch KAIST and KAIST trying to run away, both teams tried a variety of strategies to clinch victory. POSTECH, which did not change players during the first quarter very often, substituted players often, changing the line up to play small ball. Even though POSTECH players tried hard, they could not narrow the point gap. As time went by, the players became urgent, and mistakes occurred frequently. Finally, the game ended with KAIST winning by scoring 42 points, while POSTECH scored 37. It was a close match, and POBBA fought very well, and played very hard.

Unfortunate Defeat, but Bright Future
On the morning of Sep.24, the second day of PKSW, the baseball game was the first game that day. Last year, team POSTECH was defeated by 15-3. Two years ago, team POSTECH was defeated 12-5. Naturally, Postechians had low expectations for the baseball game of PKSW. In the pre-interview, Choi Ji-hun (CE 14), the baseball manager pointed out the student manger system and the grade composition of the players as differences from the previous games. Unlike last year’s training, most of the practice time was spent on pitching and hitting. Their goal was to score more than three runs in the first inning and to achieve victory tby scoring more than ten runs.
 In the first inning, their goal was achieved. With Choi Gyu-min (MATH 16)’s two-base hits and other hits, team POSTECH scored four runs. Team KAIST scored two runs so the atmosphere was different from last year. However, after a scoreless second and third inning from team POSTECH, team KAIST scored four runs with consecutive walks and a hit. In the fourth inning, team POSTECH scored three runs and the starting pitcher Choi Hyung-tae (MATH 15) was replaced with Kim Chi-seong (IME 17), the relief pitcher. With short stop Choi Kyu-min’s great defense, team POSTECH finished the fourth inning. In the fifth inning, team POSTECH scored no runs, and Kim Chi-seong was replaced with Lee Jin-hyeon (MSE 17). Lee Jin-hyeon threw three hit-by-pitch in succession and was replaced with Kim Do-hyeon (IME, Ph.D. Intergrated), but team KAIST continued to score, and team KAIST finally won the game by 13-7. After the game, The Postech Times interviewed the coach Kim Ji-hun and Choi Ji-hun.

Q. You made several changes for this game. How do you feel abou the overall game?
I think the game was ours to lose, but the content itself was not. Especially, Jo Seong-ho (IME 17) recorded two hits including an extra-base hit. Because he is a freshman, I think it is an encouraging result. As we strived for better hitting, we got great results from batting and defensively we were very strong. It was a losing game but a well fought game.
Q. What was the crucial factor for this defeat?
I think it is me. I wanted to give more opportunities to the players, so I missed the opportunity to change players effectively.
Q. In the fifth inning, there was several pitching changes. How do you think it affected the game?
The starting pitcher Choi Hyung-tae is a junior student and has considerable experience, so he could keep his pace without getting nervous, but Kim Chi-seong and Lee Jin-hyeon are freshmen and have no experience in a big game. They got nervous and didn’t have good control of the ball. Throwing inside was the plan, but the pitches were off target and hit a couple of players. It was just because of their lack of experience, so if they grow through experiencing big games, they will improve.