Analogue Boom
Analogue Boom
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.10.11 23:14
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Definition of ‘being analogue’ or ‘analog’ is to be in a mechanism in which data is represented by continuously variable physical quantities. However, people nowadays deal with this word a little bit different from its own meaning. We refer to analogue sentiment to cast back to the good old days and to feel nostalgia for the past. The retro style of the 1980’s and 90’s has found its way back into fashion again.
One application of the iPhone called ‘Gudak’ is so popular that it was awarded first place amongst charged apps of App Store recently. 24 photos can be taken with one film which is restored in an hour. Usually processing that takes three full days to check these pictures. Also, a filter that decides effects is determined randomly and it does not provide a preview or a selfie function. To be honest, this app is not appropriate if we only use to pursue convenience. Users go wild for its unique sentiment, sentiment that technology cannot provide. Not only people who actually experienced film cameras, but also teenagers consume this kind of culture because of its novelty. They call this novelty ‘analogue sentiment’.
Retro styled clothes have recently drawn attention in the fashion field worldwide. Certain vintage bags that were popular about 20 years ago, such as fanny packs, Pocono bags and speedy bags were chosen as fashion items used by Hollywood stars recently. Also, many luxury brands are making advertisements that remind people of the 90’s. Products with big logos that were popular in the past are gaining popularity amongst the younger generation with strong purchasing power who want to show themselves off. The Gucci brand has flourished again with the emphasis of ‘GG’ logo to Dionysus bags and other clothes. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila are in their new golden age by the aid of classic big logos, too. This trend will continue and be a part of their 2018 collections. Prada released an old nylon fanny pack and Louis Vuitton displayed speedy bags and backpacks with their distinct monogram mark.
As mp3 players and music downloading tools emerged, it is a fact that many people turned their back on vinyl records. However, there are cafés where only LP music is played. It suggests that not only die-hard fans but common people look for old record turntables and vinyl records. Internet shopping malls only dealing with LP music are increasing sales due to steady demand. Places where students used to ride in-line skates were lively Korean rendezvous points of the older generation. It disappeared as time went by, but they re-appeared once again. These two examples illustrate the analogue sentiment very successfully.
‘Architecture 101’, ‘Sunny’, and the series of ‘Reply’ has triggered this trend in Korea. In addition, the underlying reason of this retro trend according to experts is the following- People feel depressed by an uncertain economy and a repulsion toward digital contents causes them to revisit analog. Those who spent their college life in the 1990s are known as ‘generation X’ and were truly rich in cultural experiences. Presently, they are having a difficult time preparing for a future full of uncertainty. Also, experts expect that the current retro sensation will not be temporary and we will encounter an upcycle phenomenon through consuming retro culture and its industries.