I Boycott PRODUCE 101
I Boycott PRODUCE 101
  • Kang Da-hyun (CSE 15)
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:10
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PRODUCE 101 makes me uncomfortable even after the airing, as well as during the airing. When I first saw the music video of 'Pick Me', I felt sorry whenever four triangle stages filled the screen. It was miserable for me to see the appearance of F grade performers who were pushed out from the stage. They just appeared right before the end. It is cruel to grade performers. People are sensitive for being rated. However, people consume well-rated contents once they become subjects. The 'national producer' would have cheered in the breathtaking tension when the girl/boy who they 'picked' made their debut from low-grade. Earlier similar programs, such as Superstar K and K Pop Star, only give performers Pass/Fail. Culture contents has evolved more drastically and irritably.
It is unpleasant to use and sell the desire of the cast. The program added many kinds of provocative elements despite most performers being underage. It is because popular programs earn a lot of money. It is typical to focus envy from a low-grade to a high-grade performer. Also, it is shameless for broadcasting companies that a total of 202 performers were not paid. Their contracts say that performers are forbidden to file a lawsuit against any disadvantages. The program organizer and the broadcaster would have made a huge profit by inserting advertisements at every critical moment and exploiting the labor of the main characters. This is insane.
I heard screams instead of lyrics coming from the 202 mics. The performers might have inspected themselves more severely than idols because of the fear that they may not have made their debut. They never stopped smiling at any time to obey the viewers. Also, they can’t have a personal belief or claim, so that they may appeal or be chosen by as many people as possible (I guess this is the reason why SNS is forbidden to performers). Because they are not treated as individuals, but one of A, B, C, D, or F. The music video 'Pick Me' and 'Nayana' are unfortunate preludes. When performers are seen close-up, girls wink and boy vigorously shake their arms. Their smiling faces eager for 'pick' made me to want to say stop smiling and cry with me. I have been struggling to watch these two music videos.
PRODUCE 101 illustrates some problems in our society. It justifies vertical polarization represented by ‘the center takes all’ and infinite competition. The system of the program is uncomfortable, and the resemblance of society to it makes me feel uncomfortable, so I could not enjoy any content related with the program. I do not want any contact with it because it is like a horror movie for me. In the flood of PRODUCE 101, all I can do is boycott PRODUCE 101 with uncertain hopes about PRODUCE 101 season three.