• Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:01
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Many universities have their own mascots. Students can enhance attachment to their schools and proudly flap flags of mascots at formal events. For example, in the annual sports competition between Yonsei University and Korea University, students introduce themselves as eagles and tigers respectively. This symbolic expression evidently boosts morale. However, there has not been any official school character in POSTECH for 30 years.
In 1999, producing a character was actually planned as a part of university publicity business. Through contests, a few candidates were produced. Entrusting a specialized company with production did not work well because those characters somewhat lacked a level of completion. Last year, a character design contest took place again to celebrate the 30th anniversary of POSTECH. The purpose of this business was to foster unity between people in school, and to reflect upon tradition and POSTECH’s founding philosophy. There were two contests concerning theme and design.
At the first theme contest, a Phoenix and an Orca were selected by the school members. At the second design contest, citizens could submit designs which was an indirect promotion about 30 years of POSTECH that drew much attention. As a result, 171 designs were produced and 1544 school members voted for their own favorite. Notably, the number of students were 1199 proving that they were very interested in selecting a school mascot.
The ‘POSTECH PONIX’ which was created by personifying a phoenix took first place in the design contest. The atomic structure on the chest represents science and technology. Its legs are gray, its hair, hand and tail are orange, and rest of the body is red. They all indicate POSTECH’s identity by utilizing the school colors. Rather than simply personifying a phoenix, the letter ‘P’ of PONIX logo also contains the shape of a phoenix to emphasize symbolization.
POSTECH will try to make school characteristics familiar to people with PONIX. The PONIX will be used as a symbol at the 2017 POSTECH-KAIST science war, and will also play a part in promoting school souvenirs and materials. Legal and institutional framework is currently being done to protect it through copyrights. Trademark, design application and registration are also in process.
The university development team is discussing with school souvenir shop representatives about character goods production. Allowing for availability and profitability, one or two products will be made above all. T-shirts, dolls and small souvenirs are expected to be produced. Sizable universities make great use of goods due to many visitors and members. However, POSTECH is small in scale and the character has been just selected. The university development team will expand the range of character business by watching how things progress.
Through examples of other institutions, it takes time for a character to be loved. Seo Jun-gyo on the university development team said, “It is important for students and alumni to applicate this character. Even though this is the beginning process, I request plentiful attention and affection in order that PONIX will be a much loved mascot from now on.”