Styling 2017 Summer Fashion
Styling 2017 Summer Fashion
  • Reporter Kim Do-yeong doyeon
  • 승인 2017.05.24 20:26
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Summer is coming. People have to choose what to wear in this summer. Many people considered the clothes they had already put on last summer, but the trend is changing in succession, so it could be old-fashioned to wear the clothes that were famous last summer. It is required to select trendy clothes based on new products or the color.
Firstly, the color of clothes is one of the main factors that express one’s characters. PANTONE, famous for Pantone Matching System, which many industries use for colored paint and fabric, announced PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring & Summer 2017. Above photograph shows which colors have been selected. Niagara, which is similar to Serenity chosen in last year, gives stability. Primrose Yellow, Greenery and Flame mean vitality, liveliness. Lapis Blue is strong color, and well matched with summer. Pale Dogwood means innocence and peace, and generally used for women's clothes. Pink Yarrow looks fascinating, and if it used for men’s clothes, it could arouse a bit of surprise.
Analyzing the clothes released by fashion brand implies points of fashion trends in this summer. According to ZARA, one of the typical ready-made clothes brand, pants like ragged jeans or jogger pants are often used in men’s clothes. Moreover, ZARA expands its ragged style to top. By applying ragged style to top, the shirt made by ZARA gives a feeling of vintage. On the other hand, a polo shirt have been a major motive in ZARA. In women’s clothes, both top and bottom add ruffle, which means pleated design to cause richness. In addition, ZARA also uses flower patterns and stripe patterns in their clothes. Instead of off-shoulder top, ZARA released clothes like normal style dress. However, this feature is not universal, because GAP, another well-known fashion brand still released several kinds of off-shoulder top.
The street snapshots captured by reporters also provide information about how to style summer clothing. Both men and women put on a T-shirt or sweater with a printing or a patch. It is usual for men to wear various kinds of pants like slacks, baggy pants or sports wear instead of skinny jeans. The are also several types of end of pants. In case of long trousers, people tend to let pants cover their ankles, or shorten their pants to expose their slender ankles by cutting or slightly rolling-up pants. On the other hand, women still tend to wear over-fit or sized clothes. Women also wear clothes with wide and hand-covered sleeve. It is because people with these kinds of style look like young and cute. To be looked like tall, woman often put on a short top by folding a top in pants or a skirt or wearing a crop top. One of the notable features in woman’s clothes is boot-cut pants. By wearing boot-cut pants, people can be looked tall.
There are so many kinds of clothes in these days. In this situation, to express individual’s identity effectively, selecting clothes that match with individual is required. Styling based on a color, summer trends, and body makes individual unique and beautiful.