Keeping Yourself Busy Does Not Guarantee You Are Doing Well
Keeping Yourself Busy Does Not Guarantee You Are Doing Well
  • Oh Yu-hyeon (PHYS 16)
  • 승인 2017.05.03 17:28
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“Time is gold.” This is a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin. This saying expresses the importance of time by comparing time with gold. Twenty-four hours a day are given to every person. The point is using time effectively. However, it does not mean that we need to rush all the time. These days, people push themselves to be in hurry. They are sometimes afraid to get free time because they believe they are wasting their time.
We are getting used to rapidity. For instance, let’s imagine that you want to know the meaning of the English word “Brexit.” In the past, we first found thick, heavy dictionary with more than a thousand pages. It took more than a minute to find the word in the dictionary in alphabetical order. Also, some words were not in the dictionary. Actually, the word “Brexit” is a neologism, so perhaps the dictionary would not have included this word. Then you would have had to find a thicker dictionary that contains new words. How about these days? It is even hard to find a paper dictionary. You just do some 'googling' and find not only the meaning, but also some articles, pictures and books about Brexit. You could find short video explaining Brexit in a second. The internet reflects completely new things in a short time and the data accumulates rapidly. The point is that as people get influenced by this rapid environment, they push themselves to be busy to match this pace.
The most noticeable change is sleeping time. According to National Sleep Foundation’s survey, an adult’s average sleeping time sharply declined from eight hours to six hours as we moved into the 21st century. Whatever they do, they reduce their time. The real problem is that people do not consider this as a serious problem. Instead of increasing their sleeping time, they rather comfort themselves by the fact that they are being tired. They believe that tiredness is a kind of virtue which proves that they are doing well. However, we should clearly understand that tiredness is not a symbol of living life to the full. Tiredness is just a sign of your body that you need some rest to keep your body in top condition.
These days, lots of people have a great fear about missing out in a fast-changing society. This fear keeps them busy and tired. In the beginning, I mentioned the saying of Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, time is as valuable as gold. However the value does not appear only when you work hard. The value of time still shines when you find and enjoy reserve in your life.