What I Have to Do as a Junior Reporter
What I Have to Do as a Junior Reporter
  • Reporter Kim Do-yeong
  • 승인 2017.04.07 10:29
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When I visited the Postech Times office, I was looking forward to boost my English writing skills and was curious about a reporter’s responsibility. During the interview, I found out that the duties and responsibilities of a reporter were much heavier than I had expected.
I was surprised when I was selected as a junior reporter, since I was not sure whether I could take the job.
After I was informed, I thought that my first duty was to make a principle of my own. That was “Based on facts, reporters have to convey various, beneficial news in the university.” Then I made detailed plans to get closer to this value.
First, keeping the deadine is the most important obligation I must do. To keep this rule, I will write the article one or two days before the deadline. Attending in meetings and education for junior reporters are also crucial, so I will try my best to attend all of them.
Second, I have plans for gathering necessary information when it comes to writing an article.
The kind of information can be divided into two ways: information related to field outside POSTECH and information within our university. For example, articles form the fashion magazine Dazed could be used as an example of assessing Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter trends. The latter can be collected from the online bulletin board in POVIS, organizations in the university and the Facebook page related to POSTECH. From these sources, I will be able to collect diverse information.
Lastly, I plan to increase my English writing skills and learn the basics of writing through education. To reach this goal, I will read many English articles from famous magazine such as Times, Herald, analyze them and find common features that could help me with my English. Through these plans, I look forward to becoming a good reporter someday.