Library Renewal, How Did It Change?
Library Renewal, How Did It Change?
  • Reporter Kang Min-Seok
  • 승인 2017.03.15 11:26
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On Feb. 16, Tae-joon Park Digital Library announced their system reform in POVIS and that they would make test operations in February. The Postech Times interviewed Kwon Tae-hoon of Academic Information Resources about the library reform.
Q. Please explain the details of the new system.
As a whole, the library made a system reform and space reform simultaneously. In terms of the system reform, Integrated Library System (ILS) and gate management system has been replaced. Also, 'Smart Library' was newly installed for unmanned book return.
ILS is a system based on cloud computing that can manage printed or digital matters that the library purchases or subscribes to. The name of the new ILS is 'Alma', and POSTECH library became the third library in Korea to adopt Alma (after SNU and UNIST). Through adopting Alma, librarians’ work process has been simplified. In addition, the search system has been unified to Discovery Solution, a library system that finds resources related to finders’ interests though.
The gate in the first floor has been moved to the second floor and was changed to an unmanned gate. The high-pass section utilizing IoT technology was newly implemented in the gate on the fifth floor. Now the gate can automatically detect smart phones with Bluetooth function and open the gate.
Smart Library was installed in the first floor of Jigok Community Center to encourage a book reading culture. Smart Library can contain up to 300 books. Only Postechians can use the facility and borrow up to 5 books per person for 10 days. This system is separate from the allowance for borrowing books from the libray.
In terms of the space reform, the resting place on the sixth floor was remodeled and the position of the gate has been moved. Cyber Café on the sixth floor has changed to Book Café, providing visitors a break area and eating place, which weren’t sufficient before. The menu in the snack bar has also been expanded.
Q. What was the reason for adopting these new systems?
The library reform was a part of Smart Card project supported by Woori Bank. The previous system, established 10 years ago, had become obsolete, and lacked expandability, so the system had to be changed. The resting place on the sixth floor was remodeled for the convenience of visitors. Also, ILS places less burden on hardware because it is based on cloud computing. It also provides various analytic tools which are expected to assist in library management.
Q. Are there any improvements made through test operation or operation plans afterwards?
Single sign-on was not applied in library website because several systems were running together, but through certification improvements, now visitors have no need to log in multiple times once they are inside the library website or when accessing from POVIS.
Because the project started last winter, there were some problems in linkage between the systems. We will supplement the system for more stable operation.
Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Many people worked hard to create a library that people would want to visit and stay in. I hope you visit and use the library more frequently.