Changes in the Students' Union & Jigok Community Center
Changes in the Students' Union & Jigok Community Center
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2017.03.01 23:53
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The Students’ Union and Jigok Community Center have undergone makeovers that started last winter. The Postech Times interviewed Facilities Management team again to check the details of the change. The biggest changes are in Atlas Hall and the Student Cafeteria.
Students’ Union
All floors of the Students’ Union were remodeled. The elevator installation is still in progress. The second, third, and fourth floor underwent flooring work and ceiling construction. Atlas Hall changed the most. The previous Atlas Hall had no function whatsoever. There was only a reflecting plate, not even a mirror.
Atlas Hall is now looking forward to becoming a space that could be used for multiple purposes. First, the flooring material has changed. The management team considered both wood and deco tile. Wood tiles could be more convenient because they provide some cushioning. However, since many events are held at Atlas Hall and people often spill liquid, the deco tile was chosen as the flooring material. Second, the ceiling changed so that the concrete slab is exposed. This places the ceiling higher than before, making it much more comfortable for users. Last, the reflecting panels have been replaced with mirrors that can be opened and closed and a projector was installed. These changes are expected make the area much more useful for students.
Jigok Community Center
The Student Cafeteria will also go thorugh significant remodeling. First, the hours have changed. Before, the cafeteria closed the doors at times it did not serve food. However, changes have been made to open the cafeteria at all times. Now, the cafeteria can be used as a space to study when it is not serving. Second, the finishing materials and flooring materials were entirely replaced and the menus have been divided into categories. Instead of alphabet corners classified by the costs, menus are newly classified into Korean, Chinese, Western food, and rice burgers. Different colors of tiles are used to show the channel of movement.
The previous meal tickets can still be used, but need to be exchanged for new ones. Another noticeable difference is the number of seats available. All tables and seats have been replaced with new ones, and the number of seats has decreased. There have been an increase in students who prefer to eat alone so seats for one have also been placed near the windows. Conference rooms will be installed, like the ones next to Burger King.
University Staff Cafeteria is also under renovation. The finishing and flooring materials have been entirely replaced, just as at the Student Cafeteria. However, the colors are slightly different. The colors of the walls for the Staff Cafeteria are slightly brighter than the ones in the Student Cafeteria.
Last but not the least, the restrooms in the Jigok Community Centers are also being remodeled. The biggest feature of the restroom is that a powder room will be installed in the women’s restroom.