What do Postechians think of 2016 Student Union?
What do Postechians think of 2016 Student Union?
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.01.01 16:53
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2016 was unprecedentedly busy and full of various events, such as abolishing fulfilling military service by working as a professional research agent, Choi Sun-sil Incident, etc. Because of that, this year’s Student Union, ‘Cider’ is in the spotlight on whether it properly represented POSTECH students on and off campus. In an attempt to investigate POSTECH students’ opinions on this year’s Student Union, The Postech Times conducted an opinion survey, and 38 students answered.Q. Do you remember any school event conducted by Cider?A significant number of people who participated in the survey answered POSTECH’s declaration of state of affairs related to the Choi Sun-sil Incident. This answer likely emerged because the declaration was introduced and decided by the Student Union and the Choi Sun-sil Incident was one of the recent major events of 2016. Those who provided additional comments explained they chose this because the declaration was formal and because of the unprecedented participation of POSTECH in the political affairs of Korea. (However, POSTECH’s declaration of the state of affairs related to the Choi Sun-sil Incident was relatively late compared to other universities. There were some people who saw this as revealing faults of the Student Union. Some people answered that as POSTECH was a research-based university that did not focus on social sciences, literatures, etc., participation of POSTECH in the declaration was wrong from the beginning.) Various other answers included opposing the abrogation of fulfilling military service by working as a professional research agent. About one third of the people answered that there was not a particular event they remembered.Q. What is your personal opinion of Cider?About 60 percent of people answered positively, that this year’s Student Union was unprecedentedly active and introduced solutions in democratic ways. The reasons for the positive answer were mainly because Cider reacted to events and matters in and out of the campus swiftly. People answered that Cider attempted to communicate with the students, and some people even wrote that Cider was a good model for how the Student Union should be. However, there were also negative answers that Cider was too one-person oriented. Some people claimed that Cider was too focused on persuading POSTECH students, despite of the main goal of the Student Union being presenting POSTECH and persuading people outside the campus. Some people even answered that Cider had relatively many opportunities compared to the previous Student Unions, as this year was unprecedentedly full of campus events and social issues.Q. Please give us your recommendations regarding future Student Unions.About one third of the students answered that the Student Union should focus on making POSTECH students participate and be more interested in affairs, whether they are on or off the campus. There were also skeptical perspectives, that POSTECH students were too busy to think about campus and social matters that the Student Union were dealing with so the decline of the Student Union was a corollary. Other than that, positive answers such as, “Keep up the good work as Cider,” followed.