Women's Student Association is my Fish-eye Lens!
Women's Student Association is my Fish-eye Lens!
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.12.07 11:00
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One starry night, The Postech Times met the newly elected Women’s Students Association (WSA) presidents at the RC ground floor. They came back from Chemistry and Life Science building after attaching the poster to the female’s restroom. It was late, but their eyes were twinkling with expectation and passion. The Postech Times interviewed the new WSA president Min-ji Kang (CHEM 15) and vice president Ga Young Lee (Undeclared 16).
Could you tell us the reason why you decided to run for WSA president and your thoughts after being elected?
Min-ji Kang: During the two years in WSA, there have been a lot of ideas that I wanted to conduct in here. Discussion about feminism in POSTECH is one of them, and I wanted to deal with those issues as an executive. That is why I decided to run for WSA president.
Ga-young Lee: Looking back at my experience this year in WSA, I felt a lack of efficiency in pushing projects. Projects such as the installation of vending machine in ladies’ room that sells women’s items were not implemented due to the unprofitable characteristic. I thought those were essential to female students in POSTECH, and I wondered if I could strongly push those projects as an executive.   
As the most essential goal during your term, what would you pick?
Kang: First of all, I want to establish the meaning of the presence and the necessity of WSA in POSTECH through the relevant feminism theories. My goal is to embrace every sarcastic view around us, and convince them why we exist and what we are doing. We are thinking about the active usage of Facebook and other methods advertising WSA. In conclusion, I, and WSA will work harder next year. (laughs)   
Lee: President Kang mentioned somehow external goal, so I will choose an internal goal of WSA. I want WSA to be recognized as a “hard-working” organization. This is basically upon us, so we will work hard as president Kang mentioned. 
How would you fill in the blank? WSA is OOO.
Lee: WSA is a place that my ideal comes true. In some aspects, WSA is my essential tool. Making the campus without sexual discrimination and biased perception, my ideal, would become closer to reality.   
Kang: WSA, so to speak, is my fish-eye lens*. Just like we wear lens and suddenly get a clear vision, I have been able to find out some gender equality problems smeared into our daily lives. Activities in WSA widened my sight, and gave me a chance to struggle with those problems. WSA is my fish-eye lens. 
*Fish-eye lens has a wide sight angle over 180˚. Its appearance looks like a fish’s eye.
Do you have any words you want to say to Postechians?
Kang: I hope WSA A could be a fish-eye lens not only for me, but for many Postechians. WSA will provide a chance to understand and discuss gender equality. I feel so sad when I see people saying “Why are they doing these things?” but I will make an effort to persuade them in order to make a constructive and healthy campus.  
Lee: I want to advertise WSA to freshmen who will newly enter POSTECH next year as an organization in which they can spend a truly meaningful time. If you have any interest in realizing the equality of the world, your best chance is with WSA. There are a lot of male students in WSA, so please come together, Postechians.