War Continues In Cyber World - Cyber POSTECH-KAIST Science War
War Continues In Cyber World - Cyber POSTECH-KAIST Science War
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.09.28 22:24
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This POSTECH-KAIST Science War had a special event. Fierce competition was not restricted in real world. War continued in cyber world. A newly adopted exhibition match, Cyber POSTECH-KAIST War was conducted on Sep. 22 through 23. The Cyber POSTECH-KAIST War consists of KartRider, Hearthstone, Starcraft II, and Overwatch. This event was suggested by Opteamus, the E-Sports club in KAIST. Preparatory Committee in KAIST and POSTECH adopted the suggestion and organized it to exhibition match with Opteamus. Representatives for the matches were selected during the summer vacation, and the matches were conducted at their respective place in Pohang and Daejeon.
Both players of POSTECH and KAIST showed skillful plays and they have made fascinating scenes. However, the result was not for POSTECH. In the first match Kart Rider, POSTECH once leaded to score 2-1, but KAIST won the six games in a row and finally took the match by 2-7. KAIST took the second match Starcraft II by the score of 2-3. POSTECH also once leaded the game by 2-0, but KAIST showed reverse-sweep, and took the match. The next match Hearthstone was also KAIST’s one. KAIST won the match by the score of 0-3. Last match Overwatch had a happening during the game. One KAIST player got disconnected due to the server problem. KAIST team suggested letting it draw, but it was not accepted based on the official game rule. POSTECH took that game. Nevertheless, POSTECH team finally lost the match by the score of 1-2, and the first Cyber POSTECH-KAIST War ended with POSTECH’s huge defeat, by the score of 0-4.
However, the event was successfully held, despite the matches were done over midnight. The matches were broadcasted by Opteamus, using Afreeca TV and Youtube streaming. Youtube video showed over four thousand hits and proved its high attention from both universities. The Afreeca TV broadcasting often got disconnected and synchronization of video and audio was not fit during the game. Therefore, Opteamus stopped broadcasting in Afreeca TV after Kart Rider game.
Opteamus president Gun-hee Park (KAIST LIFE 13) said, “A lot of students from both universities watched the broadcast and it was really surprising. It surpassed our prediction. On the other hand, we feel sorry for the bad broadcasting environment.” Mr. Park also mentioned that he hopes Cyber POSTECH-KAIST War might be later adopted as official match and continues every year. Even though POSTECH loses as a result, player’s effort and their passion dazzlingly brightened the night.