How Changed Academic Calendar and SES Have Effect on Students
How Changed Academic Calendar and SES Have Effect on Students
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.09.07 17:35
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To improve students’ competence about real work in society, to give them opportunity to experience society and determine their careers, POSTECH adjusted the semester and vacation schedule to 16 weeks semester, 3 months of summer vacation, and two months of winter vacation. For internships and other programs, POSTECH made agreements with more than 170 organizations including enterprises, and global and domestic institutes like Max Planck Institute, Canada Fields Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), etc. Furthermore, Undergraduate Research Program (URP) was also expected to be used.
This year, as the Summer Experience in Society internship program was conducted, students’ interaction with society has been increased. Also, President Doh-yeon Kim made an agreement with KIST , which provides an opportunity to natural science students to experience work done by the research institute. Students can also earn credits by participating in the SES program. The Postech Times interviewed two participants of URP and SES to learn about their experiences.
Kim Hyun sung (EE 15) is researching a brake system of self-balancing vehicle because of the danger associated with using Segway. One owner of a Segway died from this. Kim said that when he was freshman, he researched about rockets, but since it is hard to research during semester, he used to research in vacation. However, it did not end until the beginning of the semester. The extended vacation this year made it easier for him to conduct his research.
Yoon Tae woong (PHYS 14) who participated in the SES program in KIST, read papers, presented at a seminar, and assisted with research. As an undergraduate student in natural science, he said he felt the necessity to study continuously, since the papers demand a higher understanding on physics. He said it was hard for him to study in front of people working in the institute. The internship he participated in was a paid internship. 
Giving new opportunities to experience real work in society, the SES program helps students adapt to the several places like institutes, hospitals, etc. Students chased by the learning in university and society could rest during the extended period.