Relocation of Dorm 14 Residents
Relocation of Dorm 14 Residents
  • Reporter Yun Seok-chan
  • 승인 2016.06.01 12:26
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The Housing Services aims to renovate all existing dormitory buildings by 2020 on the grounds that students’ satisfaction of living is decreasing owing to the deterioration in the buildings. This year, there are upcoming renovations for dorm 7 during summer vacation and female dorm 1, and dorm 12 for graduate student during the second semester. There is no relocation planned for residents of dorm 7 since the renovation will take place during summer break, meaning that most of the residents will be off campus long enough for the renovation to be completed. On the contrary, in case of dorm 1 and dorm 12, relocation of residents is inevitable. Currently, there are 20 dorm buildings dedicated for males, 3 for females, and Residential Colleges (dorm 20, dorm 21). When it comes to relocating male residents, they simply need to pack their belongings and move to other dorms although it is easier said than done. However, it entails more processes when it comes to dealing with female residents. There is a problem arising due to insufficient capacity of existing female dorms when dorm 1 is left out. As coed dorms are against the Housing Services’ policies, this requires that a male dorm building be empty for female residents to dwell in. Thus, the Housing Services decided to relocate residents of dorm 14 to other buildings. This is mainly because it can accommodate 98 people and currently houses 58 percent of its maximum capacity. Current residents of dorm 14 were given 81 days to move out from May. 12 to Jul. 31. Also, they were not asked to move out of the blue, but were informed of this a semester ago. Thus, some residents already started living in other buildings this semester. Some may question that conducting renovations on a female dorm building during summer vacation may have been able to obviate the need for relocation. However, dorm 1 is a building which size is big enough to house 120 people. Seeing from previous renovations on a dorm building with capacity for 120 people, which took 4 months to complete, the Housing Services concluded that the summer vacation was not long enough to finish the renovation. The Housing Services admitted that the renovation may entail inconvenience for some minor group of individuals, and requested for cooperation and consideration for pursuing common interest.