Youth Committee for College Students in Pohang Established
Youth Committee for College Students in Pohang Established
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.05.04 17:10
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For the communication with the young people, Pohang City has created a youth committee consisting of university students in Pohang (POSTECH, Handong Global University, Pohang University, Sunlin College, and Korea Polytechnics). The beginning ceremony for the committee was held at Pohang city hall. At the ceremony, mayor Lee Kang-deok said “this committee will be window to communicate with young people in Pohang, and solve problems related to young people.” The purpose of this committee is developing the city and administration with the input of young people and creating a communication channel through which youth problems can be addressed. After the application and selection, 20 university students will suggest policy, develop agendas to solve youth problems in Pohang, analyze youth problem, etc. More specifically, the committee will be divided into four sections: youth employment, education and culture, communication and cooperation, and living stability. Through the divisions, the committee will be a platform between university students and Pohang City. Finally, 20 plus one more people were selected. Eight POSTECH students, two Handong Global University students, three Pohang University students, and eight Sunlin College students were selected as the member of the committee. 
Efforts to improve communication with young people have been made in many other cities. The Seoul Youth People Policy Network was constructed in 2012 and managed by 12 teams and 270 university students. Through the network, they discuss about social youth problems and policy for the future. Also, they select 40 university student reporters. In Kwangju, the Forest Kwangju Youth Center shares information, supports youth business, provides ideas for business, etc. Their main role is driving youth as a subject for participation of local policy. Lastly, Daegu has had a Youth Committee consisting of 30 students and three divisions. Although Daegu supports money, ambiguous role of committee and lack of places for discussion made the committee nebulous. If Pohang takes the merits among these precedents and solves problems others face, the committee in Pohang will improve the lives of the youth here.