Simple and Efficient Production of Carbon Nanodot
Simple and Efficient Production of Carbon Nanodot
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:22
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A quantum dot is a nanometer-scale semiconductor crystal made through a chemical process, which is used for diagnosis reagent, displays, etc. Among quantum dots, a carbon nanodot is preferred because it is cheaper and easier to produce and is less toxic than other quantum dots.
In spite of the advances, the process of synthesizing a carbon nanodot to control its size is difficult, and as the color purity is decreased because of wideness of light range, it is hard to apply enough. A research team consisting of Professor Rhee Shi woo (CSE), Kwon Woo sung (CSE Ph.D.), Do Sung an (CSE Ph.D.), Prof. Jeong Mun seok (SKKU Energy Science), and Kim Ji hee (SKKU Ph.D. Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics) developed a carbon nanobot by surface modification. The result is comparable to previous OLED, published in Scientific Reports on Jul. 28.