A Powerful Combination, POSTECH and NAVER
A Powerful Combination, POSTECH and NAVER
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.05.06 17:43
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POSTECH and Naver made a business agreement on Apr. 22. The agreement was about jointly operating a training program for talented individuals in the engineering and computer science fields. According to this agreement, POSTECH and Naver should operate a Young Faculty Fellowship for research performed by young professors. The goal is to inspire graduates to do challenging and creative researches and provide scholarships for superior students so they can concentrate on their study or research.
In addition to supporting training, POSTECH and Naver are planning to reinforce the education of students. One of their reinforcing efforts is opening diverse lectures with links between schools and industry, including lectures for school subjects or lectures done by professionals in the industry. Moreover, Naver plans to provide great support placement and internships in selected companies, and student-led activities and clubs both on and off campus. POSTECH and Naver will also operate startup programs involving school laboratories or related to Naver D2 startup factory investment.
Since POSTECH as a prospective university in the Asia technology fields and Naver, a leading corporation in the computer science field, join forces, expectations of future achievements are high.