POSTECH Puts Up a Good Fight against KAIST in the Science War
POSTECH Puts Up a Good Fight against KAIST in the Science War
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.09.25 20:17
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On Sep. 19-20, the 13th KAIST & POSTECH Science War took place. Students from both schools had been preparing for this event since the last Science War and all the representative teams had hard core training especially during the summer vacation.
This year, the Science War was held at POSTECH. On the 18th, the POSTECH Pep Rally took place near the 78 stairs. The main events began on Friday, the 19th, with the arrival of students from KAIST. The Opening Ceremony, including cheerleading performances and special videos, took place at the POSTECH Auditorium at 13:30. The following programs were the soccer game, AI programming, League of Legends (LOL), club performances, and supporters’ exchange. The next day, the main events were the following: baseball, the 78 science quiz, and basketball. The hacking competition was held for 12 hours, starting from Thursday 21:00 and continuing until Friday 09:00.
Although POSTECH put up a good fight, this year’s winner is KAIST with the score of 4:3. On the first day, KAIST took the lead, winning at Hacking, Soccer, AI, and LOL. On the second day, POSTECH caught up by winning at Baseball, the 78 Quiz, and Basketball. Each game was a close match, especially for Hacking and Soccer. At the Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, all the participating teams for the Science War were honored, and the famous Korean Artist Younha came to sing. Though the focus of the audience was on the representative teams of the Science War, other clubs also met with each other as exchange.
The atmosphere of this year? Science War was different from the previous years due to the active participation of the supporters from both POSTECH and KAIST.