AP Forum, for the Future of Pohang
AP Forum, for the Future of Pohang
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.09.25 20:13
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The Advance Pohang Forum (AP Forum), established for the development of Pohang’s future, was held in Europe for ten days. Fourteen people including President Yongmin Kim, Choi Byunggon (the chairman of the Pohang Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and other local entrepreneurs departed on Sep. 20 to visit England and Germany.
The AP Forum team is going abroad to observe how other countries have developed in the field of advanced technology and see how it may be applicable to Pohang. For example, Manchester, England is well known to be the birthplace of Industrial Revolution and as the city that has achieved success in the field of science and industry later on. Dresden, Germany had fallen after World War II, but has grown with the establishment of research institutes such as Max Planck Institute and Dresden University of Technology.
Using the knowledge obtained from abroad, the members of the AP Forum plan to discuss how it will be applicable for the development of Pohang.