Water-free Method Brings about New Possibilities
Water-free Method Brings about New Possibilities
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:06
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Professor Kilwon Cho (CE), Hyun Ho Kim (CE, Ph.D. can- didate) and Dr. Yoon- young Chung have come up with a water-free transfer method for flexible air-stable graphene transistors. They maintain a consistent efficiency level for a long period of time even in a humid environment.
Supported by the Global Frontier Industry of the Ministry of Science, Information Communication & Technology (ICT) and Future Planning, this research outcome was featured on the cover page of the renowned Advanced Materials on May 28.
In the conventional transfer method involving water, applications of copper-grown graphene are strictly limited in that graphene cannot be placed onto a water-sensitive substrate.
The addition of a nonpolar polybutadiene layer to the existing polar polyme- thylmethacrylate layer formed a polymeric bilayer used to coat graphene, protecting it from the effects of water molecules and therefore enhancing the air stability of the graphene devices.
“This research will set a foundation for the commercialization of both graphene and flexible, highly-efficient electronic devices” said the research team.