Transfer of Knowledge for Happier Lives
Transfer of Knowledge for Happier Lives
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:03
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Nowadays, there are several books that discuss how we should live our lives. These books are not only the interest of Koreans, but to the world. In most cases, those with more experience in life are advising those who still have a long way to go about some values that are easy to bypass. An author found that the elders have a tendency to be more satisfied with their lives. He thought that if we can learn what they have realized throughout their lives at a younger age, we could also live the rest of our lives with more satisfaction.
There are many aspects that affect our lives. But for Postechians, finding what we really want to do may be one of the most common problems that affects us. Ever since we started to be evaluated, most of us probably followed the path that was laid out for us. With more freedom and less guidance to our path in university, it is inevitable to question what we should do with our lives after graduation, especially since the knowledge we receive is much different from what we received in high school. Even though we think that there is a lot of time left to think about our career path, four years pass by really quickly. Therefore, it is easy to be swiped away and follow fellow colleagues to graduate school without any thought.
For whatever path we take, we must remember that there are opportunity costs for each choice. We make our own reasons and believe in them to compensate for the other choice. Before we decide upon a certain decision, we should think about the choices thoroughly. Another appealing path would be to take a career that gives you high payment, though it may not be what you imagined yourself doing. Try to find work that interests you. Money will eventually follow if you work hard in the field of your interest. But remember that along the way, if it seems as if you have taken the wrong path, do not be afraid to take a different one.
Though this is not an immediate factor that may affect Postechians at the moment, it is also important to take care of those around you. There is a saying that the road to greatness is a lonely one. Do not neglect those who care for you. These people may be your friends, family, or neighbors. Do not let your path to greatness be a lonely one.