Improved Performance of Organic Solar Cells
Improved Performance of Organic Solar Cells
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.03.19 14:27
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A domestic rese- arch team became the first to figure out the principles of thin film formation, improving the efficiency of solar battery. This tech- nology simplified the complicated process in the past and is expected to advance the commercialization of organic solar cells as flexible as newspaper.
This research is led by Professor Kilwon Cho (CE) and Min Kim (CE Ph.D.) of Global Frontier Research Center for Advanced Soft Electronics. The research results are presented as the cover issue in Advanced Energy Materials, an international academic journal in the field of material science.
Organic solar cells had been expected to replace a silicon or inorganic solar cell because of its flexibility and cost-efficiency. However, its low photoelectric efficiency made it difficult to live up to that expectation. Utilizing this technology is expected to contribute to the development of highly efficient and flexible solar cells because it can dramatically reduce the time and cost of manufacturing organic solar cells.