Global Warming: One of the Biggest Swindles in Human History
Global Warming: One of the Biggest Swindles in Human History
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.03.19 14:22
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Global warming has been a world-wide issue for a long time. There was even an international protocol ratified, which prohibits many developed countries from emitting any more CO2 and forces them to use eco-friendly resources. One of the most famous policies is the Kyoto Protocol. Following this protocol, the 38 leading countries should reduce the amount of CO2 emission by 5.2% from 2008 to 2012 in order to stop global warming. As seen from this example, many countries admit the seriousness of global warming and try to stop this environmental phenomenon. However, there are also some scientists who doubt this point of view. Is the world really in the middle of warming process?
Many people are already familiar with the opinions of those who doubt the seriousness of global warming. Let’s see how those who disagree with global warming support their opinions. People thinking the global warming is a swindle can be divided into two groups. The first group is those who do not agree with the cause assigned to global warming, and the second group does not agree that global warming is even occurring. Some even say Earth is actually cooling down not warming up.
In order to prove that they are correct, those who oppose to the global warming usually disprove the evidences provided by the advocates.
People doubting the true cause of the global warming admit that Earth is actually getting warmer and warmer. However, what they try to claim is that the CO2emission by human beings, which most people believe to be the main cause, is not the true reason of this phenomenon. They say this is a political device to interrupt the developing countries. Climatologists participate in this deception because they can obtain more financial support if people are concerned about climate issues.
The second group of people claims Earth will not keep warming forever. Presenting the history of Earth’s temperatures as evidence, they say warming and cooling process alternately occur on Earth. Before the Little Ice Age, there was another warm period, showing that this is merely a cycle not a critical environmental problem. Also, according to statistics, the amount of ocean covered with ice increased 29% in 2013, which contradicts what advocates say. A leaked report to the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) led some scientists to claim the world is now beginning of another cooling period that will last for a period of time.
Now, the global warming has almost been accepted as a fact. Whoever speaks against this situation looks as if he or she has no concern about the environment. For now, there is both proof and counterproof, making global warming controversial. Therefore, until the reality is clear, people should question which side is right. If the global warming is actually not happening as people have thought before, it would be better to reconsider the true reason of the changing environment and the objectives of those who could benefit from what may be the biggest swindle in human history.