Welcoming New Postechians on Campus
Welcoming New Postechians on Campus
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.03.05 16:49
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On Feb., POSTECH was full of new students who had just graduated from high school. Generally on Feb., there are two kinds of camps for freshmen, Susi Camp and freshmen orientation. Susi Camp is prepared by each department. As an example of the department of Life Sciences, which occurred from Feb. 15-16, several seniors including the representative of the department and professors prepared a campus tour, lecture on curriculum, department introduction, and a session for in which seniors give advice on campus life. Student President of Life Sciences Park Jang Hyun (LIFE 12) said, “It was a meaningful event in which we could introduce our department and welcome new members”.
You might have seen a group of students with animal costumes walking around the campus last month. They are the preparatory committee who organized the orientation for all newcomers in POSTECH. From Feb. 16-21, the orientation was mainly composed of club booths, a variety of mini games, mission tours, and professors’ lectures on campus life. The last night of the orientation was the Lost Memories to welcome and promote a relationship between seniors and freshmen.