Do You Enjoy Drinking In POSTECH?
Do You Enjoy Drinking In POSTECH?
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.03.05 16:46
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A new semester is upon us, and a number of freshmen are beginning to gather around the campus. What are the first things that come to people’s minds thinking of new semester? There might be study, dating, new friends, and cherry blossoms on March as well. However, before those, they would imagine numerous drinking parties, such as Membership Training, and the first meeting ceremony. Also, in POSTECH, all those parties are doubled because there is not only one for department but also one for classes. Sometimes foreign students also participate in those drinking parties. Does everyone enjoy those parties? There may be some differences between the drinking cultures of Korea and other countries, which could make things awkward or uncomfortable.
One thing common for both the West and the East countries is that they can meet some new people and improve the existing relationships through drinking parties. Also, particularly, in Korea or China, drinking is a significant factor in business as well. Drinking makes people more flexible and some difficult situations a lot easier. Eventually, many business contracts are made during a drinking party.
In many of universities in Korea including POSTECH, people build their relationships with others while drinking. As an example of freshmen, the Lost Memories, a part of freshmen orientation, is usually the first drinking party they officially have with their seniors. During the party, every freshman approaches seniors or friends and have a drink with them. While those who enjoy drinking play some games with drinking as a penalty, some others who do not prefer drinking just talk to others and introduce themselves. Sometimes, excessive drinking causes some trouble. But, in general, most people enjoy the time with new people. After having a talk for a while, they exchange their contact numbers. Although heavy drinking does not always allow students to remember all those people they meet in the party, some relationships are continued even after the party.
On the other hand, according to some foreign students, people in other culture have more freedom to choose the quantity and type of drinks, which is a little different from Korea because people usually drink no more than two or three kinds of drinks at a time. Even though it totally depends on the person whom they drink with, people mostly prepare various types of drinks and enjoy with their preferences. Also, people do not really force others to drink, but also do not stop them from getting drunk by themselves.
Then, how would they think about Korea’s drinking culture? Xi TongYi said, “The number of drinking per month is almost tripled after I came to Korea.” Liz Yi, “It is amazing that all the Koreans do their works as usual even after drinking so hard in the previous day.” Also, one foreign student questioned why Koreans think going back home means running away from the party. On the other hand, there was also one who actually liked Korea’s drinking culture. Considering these points of view, it is clear that the drinking culture in Korea does have some problems and issues. However, if all of those are solved, it would be one of Korea’s representing cultures.