Endless Prize Winning of Proud Postechians
Endless Prize Winning of Proud Postechians
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:36
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Professor Cha, Hyung Joon (CE), Prof. Yoo, Sungjoo (EEE), and Prof. Youn-Bae Kang (GIFT) were selected as “the driving force of industrial development in Korea”. Also, Prof. Lee, Jong Lam (MSE) received the prime minister prize in “Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2013” for the technology related to NANO transparent electrode.
The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) chose 100 leading figures who will be the growth engine for future Korea and represented them. While a variety of people were selected from those corporations, universities to various research institutions, a total of 56 people are from universities.
Prof. Cha was selected because he is expected to help Korea become a “healthy society” based on the medical technologies related to the fiber structures. Also, Prof. Yoo and Prof. Kang were added to the list with the expectation they will make a “maintainable society” by environment-friendly semiconductor circuit technology and the low-cost raw material technology in the field of steel industry, respectively.
In the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2013, held by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and Korea Invention Promotion Association, the research group led by Prof. Lee presented technology about Indum Tin Oxcide NANO branch growth, which can be used in solar energy. It significantly improves the performance of the solar battery by maximizing light absorption. Additionally, this technology can also be applied to flexible boards, like plastic.
The National Academy of Engineering of Korea has been selecting 100 representative future technologies and 217 major people from 2012 for 17 months. The award ceremony for NAEK was held on the 19th with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, and the award ceremony for the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2013 was held in COEX last December.