A Possibility to Change the World
A Possibility to Change the World
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:31
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The winner of Mueunjae Scholarship was selected at February 2014, Toikye Cho (IME 05). The prize has been awarded with medal to celebrate Dr. Hogil Kim from 2004 to a student who contributed in developing POSTECH or enhancing the honor of POSTECH. Especially in 2004, the medal was given to the winner of 35th International Physics Olympiads, held at POSTECH in July. Toikye Cho was asked the reason of being given the award which is estimated by achievement rather than grade of a student, and answered the award is given to himself to encourage doing his best after graduating.
He picked up one of his achievements, AID BEYOND ECONOMIC DEVE- LOPMENT (ABCD), having a vision of development assistance for the Third World to improve the quality of individual life. ABCD focuses on the sex criminal problem in Gorogocho Dandora slum in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, supplying whistles for self-protection and providing localized sex education to women in the town. The purpose of whistles is not only for self-defense of women but also for selling with decoration of local culture to the First World customers throughout fair trade, giving chances for local inhabitants to develop local economy and improve quality of their lives by themselves.
Toikye Cho said what affected organization of ABCD the most is undergraduate research program about “Study on strategies of application and developing titration technique products for international development and cooperation,” which was supported by POSTECH in 2010. Although he tried hard to get an idea for protecting women in the Third World, exposed to sex crimes, and helping economic independence throughout research for a year, it was not easy. Finally, he organized ABCD to overcome the individually limited insight with Sanghee Lim (College of International Studies in Kyung Hee University 07), Hyojeong Sim (Department of Design in Korean National University of Arts 09), and Seulkie Lee (IME 05).
The winner announced that he will consider Mueunjae Scholarship as motivation to further develop ABCD to break through existing limits. ABCD needs to realize plans for collecting supports and donation, developing fair trade distribution channel, establishing own customer brand, and appealing for cooperation of NGO under instruction of Professor Soo Y. Chang (IME). At last, he said all of his achievements could be obtained thanks to supports of POSTECH, and he will continually have interests in those activities to take steps forward after entering a society. He also conveyed great appreciation to Prof. Byung-In Kim (IME), who recommended him to Mueunjae Scholarship.
Meanwhile, the winner received first-class scholarship two times and participated in climbing Annapurna, cooperative volunteering with HANDONG GLOBAL UNIVERSITY and medical services in the Philippine. He is expected to work at Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd. with experiences in various companies.