Shining Postechians at the End of the Year
Shining Postechians at the End of the Year
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2014.01.01 13:42
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Great Postechians shined in ‘The Night of Science Journalists’. POSTECH Professor Seunghwan Kim (PHYS), the president of Asia Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics (APCTP), was selected as the Scientist of the Year by the Korea Science Journalist Association (KSJA). Also, the late Kang Kwanhyeong (former professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in POSTECH) was chosen as the Special Scientist of the Year, and Choi, Hyeyoung (External Relations & Communications) won the Science Relations Award.
As an international authority on the field of Complex Systems, Prof. Seunghwan Kim played a leading role in the applied research of brain science, such as anesthesia and consciousness, and was appointed as the 5th president of APCTP. He was the first Korean appointed to the position. KSJA selected Prof. Kim as the Scientist of the Year, recognizing his contributions to the development of science technology in Korea through science communication activities and science policy development.
The late Kang Kwanhyeong, the first POSTECH graduate who became a professor in POSTECH, had actively researched on the field of microhy- drodynamics before he passed away last year. Honoring the late Kang Kwanhyeong and his work, KSJA presented him a Special Award for the Scientist of the Year.
Ms. Choi, Hyeyoung, who has worked in the Department of External Relations & Communications since 2006, effectively promoted those major research outputs created by POSTECH members to the public, thus contributing to the popularization of science. This led to her winning the Science Relations Award this year.
Several more awards were given to famous scientists and journalists who have done great work throughout the year. The awards ceremony was held in Koreana Hotel on Nov. 29, ‘The Night of Science Journalists.’