Academic Ethics: Food for Thought
Academic Ethics: Food for Thought
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.01.01 13:41
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The public evaluation and award ceremony for UCC and posters competition regarding “Academic Ethics”, hosted by Academic Affairs, the Center for Excellence in Education, and the Students Committee on Pedagogy and Education, was held at Hogil Kim Memorial Hall on Dec. 6. The first place went to a team consisting of An A Ju (CiTE 12), Kim Namhyeong (ME 12), and Sanghoon Baek (ME 11). The runner up team consisted of Heo Junghwan (LIFE 11) and Kim Dongyoung (EEE 10).
This competition aims to remind Postechians of “academic honesty” by encouraging them to show interest as well as to share their thoughts and ideas to the rest of Postechians. Participants were given two weeks to prepare for presentations from Nov. 1.
Representatives of each team presented their materials in front of judges, where they were carefully assessed under three criteria: appropriateness, originality, and appli- cability.
The winning team highlighted the fact that majority of Postechians are not aware of academic ethics even though the university stresses its significance, and they hoped this UCC competition would change students’ awareness toward academic ethics as well as general honesty.