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Photo News
  • Reporter Park Tae-Yoon
  • 승인 2014.01.01 13:40
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The 2nd Memorial Ceremony for Late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park

The 2nd memorial ceremony for the late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park was held to commemorate his noble contribution in Nobel Garden on Dec. 13. Executives of POSTECH Foundation, the Provost & Executive Vice President of POSTECH, senior administrators, department heads, RIST executives, faculty, staff, and student representatives participated in the event to honor him. Professor Gi Bok Bak (Kookmin University) delivered a special lecture about Tae Joon Park’s Leadership in the auditorium of POSCO International Center on Dec. 9.



Jigok Pond Welcome to the New Year

Jigok Pond was groomed for the New Year through a dredging project. SI Construction worked Dec. 4-18. The roads around the pond were closed for safety during the construction period. The dredged Jigok Pond seems as if it would see out the old year and beautifully greet the New Year.