Elections for 2014 Representatives of Students
Elections for 2014 Representatives of Students
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.11.20 15:29
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On Nov. 7, there were elections for 2014 representatives of the Undergraduate  Association, Female Student Association, and Dormunion. All the representatives were sole candidates so that the voting was only for pros and cons. Jae Yeon Cho (CiTE 12) and Lee Jun Ho (ME 12) ran for president and vice president respectively for the upcoming Student Association, and JinYi Park (IME 12) and Ju Young Park (ME 12) for Female Student Union. Seong Han Bae (ME 12) ran for the new dormitory representative.
This year, although the election for the head of dorm organization was accepted as valid, the other two elections were invalidated due to some problems regarding the failure to include students temporarily withdrawn from school. Seong Han Bae (ME 12) was elected as a new dorm organization representative with 581 votes (79.16% of total votes). This number exceeds the required number of votes for an election (even if students with on temporary withdrawal from the university are considered). Also, students who are temporarily out of school cannot participate in the dorm union election. Thus, this election was accepted to be valid.
However, for the other two, several students raised questions online about the failure to notify students of temporary withdrawal about the elections. Some supported those students’ idea and called for an entire reelection while others claimed that the result of election should be acc- epted. After the meeting of Student Representative Association and the Central Election Management Committee, a re-voting instead of reelection was decided on. This will be held Nov. 21, and those students temporary withdrawn can participate in the voting by contacting the Central Election Management Committee.