DNA-graphene Hybrid: New Approach to Accelerating Catalysis
DNA-graphene Hybrid: New Approach to Accelerating Catalysis
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2013.10.16 12:17
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Professor Kwang S. Kim (CHEM) has developed a DNA-graphene hybrid substance that accelerates the catalytic process by more than three-folds by using platinum in fuel cells.
Numerous scientists have only attempted to enhance the catalytic process by increasing the surface area using minute platinum particles. They could not find a way to evenly distribute the nanoparticles and stop them from coagulating. Prof. Kim approached this problem differently by halving the size of the platinum particles and has successfully formed a compound consisting of a hybrid and a complex with platinum nanoparticles on its surface.
The strong force of attraction between the platinum nanoparticles is said to give the compound resistance to extreme environments. They also proved that the complex maintains over 95% of initial catalytic ability following repetitive reactions.
Prof. Kim stated that this new compound is far more effective than the commercial one commonly used and that its acid/base-resistant nature allows it to be utilized widely especially in fuel cells.