A Good Bulletin Board Requires Anonymity Plus Responsibility
A Good Bulletin Board Requires Anonymity Plus Responsibility
  • Kim Chang-jun(CE 12)
  • 승인 2013.09.25 15:23
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Review: CAMPUS “Does ‘Anonymous’ Mean ‘Irresponsible’?”
During my year and a half at POSTECH, I have seen several big incidents and related arguments on the POVIS bulletin board. I noticed the stances of each opposite side and wished for an amicable settlement. However, some anonymous posts with rude expressions or nonsensical contents disappointed me. Not just me, but most other Postechians have been felt uncomfortable by lots of aggressive and disrespectful posts. Thus, this anonymity has been quite a big problem of POSTECH society.
The Postech Times well pointed this problem out. The article explained recent three main happenings and anonymity problems in each happenings, and request to the anonymous writers to be responsible for their writings.Especially, the last paragraph seemed to give one strong hit to the current problem. I believe that The Postech Times, just by describing the problems of our school as a school press, can give us  a possibility to reflect on ourselves and be improved. Also the article was well organized, so that I could easily recall what the main incidents were and how the issues had progressed.
Though, I felt that the article was somehow incomplete. It only dealt with the problems of rudeness of anonymous posts. The article could have been more deep and complete if it had contained opinions and solution plans of the manager of the POVIS bulletin board for this problem. Even if the reporter had investigated these but there was no assessment or existing plan, then the fact itself is also noteworthy.
I was also curious about whether the POVIS bulletin board has allowed commenters to be anonymous since it began, and I wanted to know the reason why this anonymous function was adopted. Sadly, I felt the lack of further information about the anonymous function. Still, the article was meaningful, and I applaud to the reporter’s effort.
To add my personal opinion, I think it is not a good solution to remove the system of anonymous writing. Some posts could only be written anonymously. Sometimes, a graduate student needs to criticize his/her professor on the bulletin board, which will not be done with his/her real name. A place for voicing one’s opinion anonymously is necessary. Therefore, the best solution for a clean and reasonable bulletin board is that writers themselves be responsible for their posts and express their opinions rationally, not emotionally.