Welcome to the English Library in MuEunJae
Welcome to the English Library in MuEunJae
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2013.09.25 15:20
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To be a global leader, English is not optional but required. POSTECH made “English Certification Sy- stem” and founded English library named Poslec in room 431 of MuEunJae Memorial Hall to support and improve students’ English ability. The library has over 6,500 classified novels according to their level of difficulty. “Graded reading” has 11 levels and mostly consists of adapted famous British and American novels. For native speakers, there are novels, books on various recommended reading lists, and best sellers. The library has purchased new books steadily.
The number of books lended has increased since the library was founded, but students still do not use it actively in spite of this good environment to learn English. According to the librarian, Park Jung Young, from ten to sixty students visit the library a day, but most students borrow books because of homework. Students say “We know English is important but we do not have much time to read English books.” It is true, but time must be made. Foreign exchange students also rarely visit the library because they do not know it exists and they need to learn Korean first. Although POSTECH created a great environment for improving English and  the website for library, students do not pay attention to the library. In English classes professors mention it, they just think it as the space for their assignments and do not know the website for library. It is a serious loss because students do not know about this great place. Students should be interested in the library and library also continue to provide interesting books to them consistently as the present..
During an interview with Librarian Park, she emphasized that English ability cannot be improved in a short period of time. To improve English students need a long time. Students do not speak English outside of English classes. In this environment, reading is the key. If grammar and words are just surface understanding, story fills the inside. She said “at first pick up a relatively easy book, which is not difficult and complicated. English is like building a castle; you must stack the bricks one by one. From now on, borrow books regularly and watch your English gradually improve. Whenever you do not know how to study English, ask me for help. I will advise you. The more actively students use the library, the better the environment will become.” If you do not  have enough time, enter the website to see what books are available and recommended and to reserve a copy. Audio books, in which a native speaker reads the book, are also available. As the reporter of The Postech Times, I hope that the library always tries to make things more convenient for students and plans to buy new books next year.