Volunteering in Ethiopia
Volunteering in Ethiopia
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:42
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From Jul. 14 to Aug. 3, seventeen Postechians visited Adulala village in Adamacity of Ethiopia for voluntary charity works, assisting local communities in various ways and heightening the significance of “sharing”.
During the 3-week stay in Ethiopia, Postechians took part in numerous activities. Local students were assigned to one of five classes in Qocee school according to their respective grades. Postechians tutored these students every morning with intriguing materials that involved science, art, physical education, music and choreography. In addition, the majority of students spent the first two weeks painting both exterior and interior wall of classrooms and the rest of the week renovating the school library. The remaining students took part in appropriate technology, setting up rainwater storage tanks along with water filters and water-collecting systems. They also carried out several tests aiming to determine the most effective methods of irrigation that would assist the local communities in growing crops during dry seasons in the future. Sung H. Han, the vice president of Admissions Affairs, made a week-long visit to encourage Postechians taking part in voluntary charity works.
Postechians had an opportunity for cultural exchange with the local community  local people were given a chance to experience Korean traditional games and to observe several guitar performances, Tae Kwon Do, Nanta and various choreographies all performed by members of the voluntary group of POSTECH.
The voluntary group will continue to keep in touch with the village, receiving updates regarding appropriate technology and maintenance of the new library in the school. The next voluntary group will be selected this Sep. and will visit Ethiopia next Jan.