The Meaning Lies Backstage, not Center Stage
The Meaning Lies Backstage, not Center Stage
  • Leira Vanessa Alano Perez
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:39
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Review: "CAMPUS: Postechians Enjoy in Harmony"

It’s nice to see how much dedication students put into a special event in “The Meaning Lies Backstage, not Center Stage.” No one could ever imagine how much daily practice and planning took place for the shows. An attendee of the festival would just leisurely mill around, watching the performances and eating and drinking the food and drinks served. He or she would not think about how all of them came to be. We only really get to see the surface, the festival itself, and not the time dedication and academic sacrifices put into it.
Hearing that there would normally be about 4 hours of dance practice in the middle of the night, I was not sure whether this is a big deal to POSTECH students or not, but as an international student, I am bewildered. To put on the best show they can, these students put in their all and try to get together at the most unbelievable set of hours. In the time leading up to the festival, classes and the festival make up their whole lives. In a university as rigorous and prestigious as POSTECH, that seems especially difficult to accomplish and live up to.
Come to think of it, it makes me curious of how big a toll these students paid to set up a great event and whether they believe it was all worth it in the end. Personally, I would not be able to handle the stress. Freshman year would probably be the best time to do something like this, if at all, since life gets much busier in the following years.
Although, in concern for clarity, the author should have assumed that the reader had been skipping around the newspaper and that he or she had no idea of what kind of festival it was or what was going on, and at least mentioned the name of the festival (the “2013 Sunrise Festival”, I’m assuming). It wasn’t even mentioned in the other article within the same section . There were a few small grammatical errors , but it was pretty well-organized, having an introductory paragraph of the students behind-the-scenes, a paragraph on the hardships of setting up and preparing the festival, one on the fulfillment, and a conclusion about the true meaning of the festival: the efforts of the students. The writer got her point across straightaway and well. It was easy to understand what she was talking about. I noticed that more focus was placed on the hours put in the time involvement and only one paragraph on the fulfillment of working on the festival, which would be forming stronger bonds with the students around them, gaining a sense of responsibility, and effectively leading to the development of the participants as a result. But I see there isn’t really much more to say in that aspect and the author said what needed to be said.
It was especially great to see students’ quotes from interviews to confirm the magnitude of involvement and sacrifice, as well as the camaraderie formed and the maturity that developed. Just one giant narration would not have as much of an effect in making the reader see what had been going on for the festival all along. The quotes actually added a personal touch. It definitely followed the section’s title: “Postechians Enjoy in Harmony.” A reader can feel the students’ teamwork paying off. It makes me wish I could have attended and seen the result. But I can bet those that did go to the festival and later read this article would have had a whole new world opened up to them. The students should feel very proud of what they have done.