A Global Bridge
A Global Bridge
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:37
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After studying in Malaysia for seven years and getting accepted to POSTECH as well as other numerous prestigious universities in the UK and Singapore, deciding on which university to go to was not an easy decision to make. I chose POSTECH after much thoughtful consideration, partly to overcome my identity crisis and to develop a sense of pride as a Korean.
I believe the first semester as a freshman of POSTECH was my adaptation period to the unfamiliar Korean community. I am glad to have been handed a chance to study with good friends and to learn from respectful professors in POSTECH. One of the reasons why I decided to join The Postech Times is that I want to “share” and contribute what I have received from the university to all the other members of POSTECH. Making use of my experience overseas, I am very much pleased to inform the POSTECH community on hot issues or monthly highlights of the university.
I am aware that the newsletter is available online not only to the members of POSTECH, but also to the general public including those overseas or undergraduates in Korea who are interested in getting into POSTECH. It is one of my chief goals to be a “bridge” that links all the community around the globe with POSTECH, ensuring that everyone is updated with intriguing and significant news within POSTECH.
As an ex-writer of a newsletter of an international school I was enrolled in Malaysia, I understand that a reporter holds lots of responsibilities and cooperation among members is vital. I promise all of you, with the spirit of a passionate reporter of The Postech Times, I will strive to perform the best of my ability.
Owing to the fact that English newspaper consist of numerous texts and are not constantly read by the majority of students in POSTECH, I believe that they find it dreary and unattractive. As a new member of The Postech Times, I am eager to put countless efforts in providing fresh ideas on how to make newspaper more striking and fascinating, hooking members of POSTECH. I look forward to seeing some changes.
Once again, I am grateful to be appointed as a new member of The Postech Times and to work with experienced reporters. I will work hard to improve, keeping advice from senior reporters in mind. Cheers.