Music of Engineers and Scientists
Music of Engineers and Scientists
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Many students and citizens in Pohang gathered around the auditorium of  POSTECH on Jul. 10 and 13. This was when the orchestra concert directed by a world-class conductor, Kum Nan-Sae, took place. Since 2009, Kum Nan-Sae Music Festival has been hosted by POSTECH each summer. The event this year was especially meaningful in that students from the five universities of science and technology (DGIST, GIST, KAIST, UNIST, and POSTECH) participated in the orchestra. The Postech Times asked 3 questions to the Undergraduate Student Affairs about this event.

What is the difference between this year’s and former Music Festivals?
Former Kum Nan-Sae Music Festivals have offered an opportunity for postechians to develop cultural refinement and for local residents to enjoy high cultural life. The orchestra was composed with Kum Nan-Sae conductor, professional performers, and young musicians.
However, this event was significant in that it was held as a part of collaboration among  the five universities of science and technology. Students from the universities became players in the orchestra with university students who major in music and students of arts high schools. They had practiced under the direction of the conductor and performers for 3 days, and they performed at the symphonic concert of the Music Festival.

What roles do you think this Music Festival will play?
Until now, former Music Festivals have been a chance to broaden the understanding of music and art, and have offered many opportunities for postechians and local citizens. In addition, they have contributed to improving the image of POSTECH by publicizing it externally.
Furthermore, especially by composing the unique orchestra with students from the universities of science and technology, the Music Festival is becoming a place where students who major in science cultivate their culture relevancy, and participating universities and students strengthen their relationships and develop a network.

How about future plan of Kum Nan-Sae Music Festival with universities of science and technology?
Although the future schedule of the event is not confirmed yet and the venue has not yet been determined, it will be held every year for 3 or 4 days in the summer session. However, the council of presidents of universities of science and technology decided to consider that the five universities host the event by turns.