Creativity and Innovation Meet Venture
Creativity and Innovation Meet Venture
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:02
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As new administration launches, Korea proposed new economic paradigm, the Creative Economy, then Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) was established. The creative economy is more advanced form of innovation economy. It is defined as an economy where creativity becomes more important than effort, and thus innovation becomes easier. So, the gist of the creative economy is, to support raising venture business in which individuals realize their creativity. 
Hence, MSIP hosted “Korea Science and ICT Conference 2013” in Coex, Seoul, during May 21st to 22nd treating the subjects RISE: Research, Innovation, Start-up, Employment. This conference was to share ideas to activate and fuse the four subjects. Subject of first session, Research on investment to basic research enhances creativity of graduate students and researchers.   
In the Innovation session, speakers introduced innovative business models, and emphasized the creation of innovative business models by ICT and science technology. Big data, cloud computing, and platform are considered as hottest keywords and emerging areas in the world. So, the point, that (1) cloud computing accelerates smart media era, the time of convergence of broad casting, communication, and computing, and (2) as smartphone and tablet PC commercialized, the form platform is gradually personalized, and (3) big data treating technology which expands its scope will be effected by issues  ranging from SNS to artificial intelligence, were emphasized. In addition, importance of nano technology that enables new concept of ICT equipment, and smart health monitoring technology which is expected to increase in value to $11.8 billion by 2018 in global market, were treated.
The Start-up session and Employment session, which were about ecological analysis of venture industry and smart job creation by innovation, emphasized overcoming weak venture ecosystem and promoting creative venture business. The chairman of Korea Business Angels Association, Go, young ha said, “For lasting growth of our society, the consistent growth engine is an important key factor, and this growth engine is created from an eagernass for innovation” and emphasized “Open innovation”, combining marketing capabilities of conglomerates and creativities of small businesses. Moreover, vice president of StarTau in Israel, Elad Cohen Toren added, that over 90% of university students in Israel want to realize their creative dream by venturing, and he also emphasized role of university, entrepreneurship lecture and center.
In the keynote speech, Yoo, Juwan who developed and successfullylaunched the Seoul Bus mobile application, shared his experience driving his creativity to venture. Creativity lead to venture, and when venture ecosystem activated innovation takes place, then innovation call other creation. Government aims to vitalize this cycle through science technology and ICT.