2013 Disaster Preparedness Drills
2013 Disaster Preparedness Drills
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:33
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On May 5, 6, and 10, disaster preparedness drills, hosted by Central Safety Management Committee and National Emergency Management to enhance the nation’s capability of disaster counter measure and to foster safety consciousness, were performed with people and disaster management organizations, including the central administrative agency, local government, and public institutions. This year 20, 474 organizations participated.
On three days, each drill was practiced under specific scenarios that involve typhoon, infectious disease, and conf- lagration. The preparedness drills on the first day focused on damage from storm and flood, including training and promotion to improve safety consciousness. It targeted 30 people, including the people in charge of facilities management work and department safety management. The second day was about preparation for infectious disease and evacuation drill of tsunami. These drills targeted the entire staff of POSTECH. The last day was a laboratory fire drill, and included shunting training in the event of a fire on a campus laboratory. It targeted 70 members of the department of Mechanical Engineering.