What They Think About Us
What They Think About Us
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:29
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In POSTECH, there are many people working in every corner of the campus, trying to offer us more comfortable campus lives. As they spend great amounts of their precious time with us, they naturally get to know us very well; thus, The Postech Times asked them some questions.

Campus Cleaning Force

Are Postechians polite in their daily lives?
“Most Postechians brightly say hello and thanks to me whenever they pass by me.”
What do you think of Postechians’ sanitary habits?
“Overall, they do a great job separating trash; however, it is true that some students just put everything in one section without separating it in the dormitory.”
Is there anything else you want to say to Postechians?
“Every morning, I see some garbage from the previous night, and looking over what they threw out, I could find Postechians’ eating habit. Students enjoy eating chicken, pizza, and some delivery foods, most of which are not really healthful. I hope students eat healthier food”

Sales Manager in Jigok Store

Do Postechians waste their money?
“I think a majority of Postechians are pretty good at planning their budgets economically. I have worked for this campus store for almost 10 years so I had plenty of time to observe how Postechians divide their monthly budgets. As far as I know, except for few, most students try to live frugally.”
Are Postechians polite and well-mannered in daily lives?
“A few weeks ago, one student came into the store with honey-water and gave it to my colleague, saying that he always appreciates the efforts of staff working for the students at this time of night. Most Postechians are so polite and kind that it feels like we are one big family”
Do you have any comments to Postechians?
“Sometimes, I sympathize with Postechians. Looking at how they spend their time on campus, I found that, due to a myriad of homework and quizzes, most Postechians have no free time to enjoy their college lives, which will never come back again.”

Log Cabin (Campus Bar) Manager

What is your opinion about Postechians’ senses of economy?
“Generally speaking, most Postechians are trying to save as much as they can, and they are fairly sensitive to the variation of prices on the menu.”
Tell us Postechians’ behavior when they are drunk.
“I do not know how they are doing outside the campus; however, at least in Log Cabin, students are considerably well-mannered when they are drinking.”
Is there anything else you want to say to Postechians?
“Everyone knows Postechians are intelligent and excellent in math and science; however, if they not just pour all of their energies on studying but also divide some on socializing, they would become well-rounded elites who would be welcomed everywhere.”