Safe, Clean, and Resourceful
Safe, Clean, and Resourceful
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.03.20 23:51
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The Result-Sharing Ceremony for the “QSS Activities” took place in PIRL (POSTECH Information Research Laboratories) auditorium on Mar. 5. After the opening and video watching, the ceremony proceeded with words of encouragement by President Yongmin Kim, the report on the “QSS Activities” by Joohyun Kang (LIFE Ph.D.), and encouragement awards ceremony.
POSTECH has conducted “QSS (Quick Six Sigma),” an innovative activity to make teaching and research environment cleaner and safer since July 2012. Ten laboratories and the office of Information Technology Services participated in “QSS Activities.”These activities focused on safety, cleanliness, and resourcefulness. This meant that those who took part in these activities tried to make safe and clean environment and to use resources efficiently. However, as undergraduate students have not known these activities well, no one had participated in these activities. In addition, 81 out of 2159 graduate students had participated in  these activities as of February 2013.
The results of the past activities are analyzed as the followings. Eighty percent of the goals of cleanliness and resourcefulness were met, but the section of safety needs further consideration and improvement with assistance from General Affairs and Safety and Facilities Management. POSTECH will continue to spread “QSS Activities” and establish an innovative culture by 2015.