• Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.03.06 19:27
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Frown at Taxi
Postechians became afraid of taking a taxi because taxi fares has increased. According to Pohang City Hall, taxi fares were raised by 27 percent beginning Feb. 20. The base price raised from 2,200 KRW to 2,800 KRW. Also, the rate per 100 KRW decreased from 145 meters to 139 meters and from 35 seconds to 33 seconds. Without a public announcement, taxi charged raised fares as soon as the decision to increase. As POSTECH is located a little far from the center of Pohang and there is no subway in Pohang, Postechians usually take a taxi or bus. So this increase seemed to make their moneybag light. Jung Yong Seung (EEE 11) emphasized, “I used to take a taxi when I ate out with my friends and went to downtown. However, this sharp increase is too sudden for students to adapt to it.”