HangulBot Won Gold Prize in Superstar V
HangulBot Won Gold Prize in Superstar V
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:43
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Young-bin Song (CSE, B.S. candidate) and Eun-uk Lee (CE, B.S. candidate) won the gold prize by presenting HangulBot in “2012 Superstar V,” the national founding competitive exhibition held by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
The robot that teaches Korean, HangulBot, can produce sounds of Korean by combining blocks of vowels and consonants. It has been acclaimed not only in Korea but also internationally, exhibited in many places including Gyeongbokgung and Beijing. The HangulBot is about to be used as auxiliary teaching material in Sejong School, a school that introduces Korea and Korean culture.
The HangulBot, which aims to teach not only elementary Korean but also to improve ability of space perception and creativity through experience of five senses, is expected to develop left-brain in language learning and right-brain in ability of space perception in a balanced way.