Let’s Take a Step for a Brighter Tomorrow
Let’s Take a Step for a Brighter Tomorrow
  • Kim Gi Jong
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:32
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Greetings fellow staff!
I am the representative of the  Cooperation for the Development of Faculty. Although it feels like just yesterday that I first placed my foot in this cooperation, it has already been seven months. With only a few months until my retirement as the representative, the eventful year came to an end, and the year of the snake has arrived. I strongly hope that next year, we will move even closer to our goals.
When I look back, there have been some regrets, but because we have been through a variety of events, this year has been a meaningful one. Moreover, I send my gratitude for your enthusiastic participation in the staff-based survey and your attention for the election of the faculty trustee.
Although many may expect me to give a new year’s resolution, as a Korean saying says, “We need to step back in order to step forward.” I would like to trace back the difficulties and flaws we had. Some may have objections to the claims, but I hope that they will generously overlook the points and continue to read on. First of all, I believe that this last year has been a perplexing one, with no real direction. There have been various events, both big and small. However, we have not projected a consistent voice. Secondly, it has been a year in which many have lost their consideration for others, having the thought “as long it’s not me, it is fine.” Compared to the accumulated know-how in knowledge, and experience, the load of work has also increased. Thirdly, it has been a year in which even we had pessimistic thoughts, which arose from a victim mentality. We have not been able to acknowledge the representative organization, or have been neglecting it. Lastly, we have failed to create a cooperative culture among the organization. We lacked a unique entity to unite us as one. I feel remorse about these things. However, I do not believe that these shortcomings were the faults of individuals. It was due to the different backgrounds, evolving society, gap in generations, and lack of communcation and cooperation. Nevertheless, if we remain the same, I believe that individuals and the organization will not give forgiveness.
Like the famous scholar who said, “My life has gradually evolved,” our organization is evolving. In the year of 2013, I plan to promote the following activities. I will try to communicate with a variety of people, attempt to make suggestions for improvement, and create our own culture. Please continue to give your affection and support.
The appearance of a snake and its venom make it seem fearful. However, snake is a representative of affluence and fecundity. I hope to bring tranquil, yet positive changes this year. Please remain healthy, and may your dreams come true.