Flexible Electronic Equipment Substitutes Hard Electronics
Flexible Electronic Equipment Substitutes Hard Electronics
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2012.11.21 23:18
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Professor Kilwon Cho (CE), minister of CASE (Center for Ad-vanced Soft Electronics), emphasized that soft electronics, which use flexible nano material, substitutes hard electronics, which use rigid inorganic matter such as silicon. As soft electronics pursue elasticity and transformation, they seem to achieve user-friendly technology that regards sensibility, convenience of user, and communication with people as important.
In past years, scientists focused on overcoming the limitations of hard electronics based on silicon semiconductor and transparent electrode. As a result, flexible materials like graphene, which is transparent, bendable, and stretchable, were developed. Scientific research is expected to fuse nanomaterial between organic materials, carbon nanomaterial, and nanowire in future.
Prof. Cho emphasized, “Among projects of research team, we concentrate on developing core technology that can embody ‘E-Skin (Electro Skin)’ and smartphones that can be worn on users’ wrist. We expect that utilizing flexible nanomaterial will overcome the limitations of hard electronics. ”