Efforts to Find Property of Rare-Earth Element, Iridium
Efforts to Find Property of Rare-Earth Element, Iridium
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2012.11.21 23:17
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rofessor B. I. Min (PHYS) and Beom Hyun Kim (PHYS, Research associate) of Condensed Matter Theory Laboratory, and Prof. Khaliulline of Max-Planck Institute identified unusual excitation phenomena of Sr2IrO4 (strontium iridate). Based on the microscopic model including spin-orbit coupling, on-site Coulomb and Hund’s interactions, as well as crystal field effects, they explained magnetic properties, resonant inelastic x-ray scattering, and optical conductivity.
Sr2IrO4 has new excitation such as spin-orbit exciton excitation and spin-hole excitation. The research team identified Fano resonance, which is a type of resonant scattering phenomenon that gives rise to an asymmetric line-shape. Understanding this resonance allows researchers to better understand properties of iridium oxide.
The paper, “Magnetic Couplings, Optical Spectra, and Spin-Orbit Exciton in 5d Electron Mott Insulator Sr2IrO4,” was published by Physical Review Letters on Oct 17.