Prof. Nack Joon Kim Elected
Prof. Nack Joon Kim Elected
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.10.17 17:33
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as Editor of Scripta Materialia
Professor Nack Joon Kim of the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Tech nology (GIFT) was appointed as the editor of Scripta Mater- ialia. He is the first Korean scientist to hold this position. He started his work from Oct. 1 and will continue it for four years. Scripta Materialia is one of the top science magazines on materials and has introduced recent research about metal, ceramic, and semiconductors.
Prof. Kim, a renowned scientist in material design, developed a high quality structure material that protects the environment and reduces energy consumption. Moreover, he was elected as a fellow of American Society for Metals. Prof. Harry Bhadeshia, working as both a  professor of GIFT and Cambridge University, also has edited manuscripts for Scripta Maerialia. Among five editors of the magazine, two are from GIFT.