Prof. Yong-Guen Oh Awarded Kyung-Ahm Prize
Prof. Yong-Guen Oh Awarded Kyung-Ahm Prize
  • Reporter Reo Ye-Jin
  • 승인 2012.10.17 17:32
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Professor Yong-Guen Oh (Math) was selected as a recipient of the Kyung-Ahm Prize. Kung-Ahm Education & Cul-ture Foudation an- nounced the prize awardees of the 8th Kyung-Ahm Prize on Sep. 24. Prof. Oh is a professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and POSTECH in the Department of Mathematics. Based on topology and geometry, he started studying homology theory. Applying the theory, he developed homological mirror symmetry theory and Hamiltonian mechanics. As his study is recognized by Kyung-Ahm Education & Culture Foundation, he was chosen to receive the prize.
In addition to science field and technology field, the foundation gives awards to the liberal arts field. About 200 million KRW will be granted to each recipient, and the award ceremony will be held in Busan on Nov. 2.