Precious Experiences in POSTECH
Precious Experiences in POSTECH
  • Yoo Yea Won (IME 11)
  • 승인 2012.10.17 17:26
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I could not expect that I would be a Postechian when I was a high-school student. I truly envied and admired Postechians who seized a priceless chance to study in great environment, including a wonderful library and comfortable dormitory
The moment when I was accepted at POSTECH is unforgettable. At that time, I imagined and made a plan about my campus life. Personally, I wished to do my best not only in academic career but also extracurricular activities. As I had wished, my dreams came true. Therefore, I want to introduce my precious experiences in POSTECH over the past two years.

First of all, cheerleading club activity is the most memorable experience. It accounts for a half of my campus life. At freshmen orientation, I watched the performance of POSTECH student cheerleading group, Cheero. It had glamorous costumes and limitless energy. Also, their great movement touched my mind and convinced me to participate in cheerleading club. Although the training camp during summer vacation for the POSTECH-KAIST Science War and regular exercise during the semester made me exhausted, it improved my physical strength and social skills. Also, spectators’ shouting blew away my stress.
Moreover, “Mentorship Program” has been a great opportunity, during which I’ve been motivated to study hard and to set life-time goals. After entering POSTECH, I lost the will to study (since entering POSTECH was the most important goal during my high-school years). Losing the will came from my loss of goals and motivation. When I was a freshman, I applied for the mentorship program and met good mentor, the CEO of DOOSAN Infracore. He is really famous and has great influence on society. Every word he spoke touched my heart and enhanced my courage. The POSTECH Mentorship Program was the turning point of my academic career.
Above all, the most important outbound program that I participated in is “Study Abroad Program”. Since I have never been to foreign country, going abroad is my earnest wish. I studied hard and prepared to apply to the study abroad program. The two years of hard work finally paid off. Next year, I will go UC Berkeley as an exchange student for one year. I hope it will broaden my perspective on the world and deepen my understanding of my major.
Although school work is too demanding for me to handle during the limited time of each semester, extracurricular activities are sometimes an escape from the boredom of my everyday routine; they provide a bit of zest. Because of my unforgettable and precious experiences, I hope to leave a good impression with people through wonderful accomplishments as a Postechian.